Dreamed up
by Pete.

Searching for more.


Tested on us.

Our Story

Who Are We? 

Have you ever looked at the surf and just said ‘meh, it’s no good and I can’t be bothered...’ 

The VOW team is a mixture of time poor, water loving guys who found that we were all saying this more and more often. With time constraints in our lives and being unable to drop everything when conditions were on, we wanted a reason to get back into the water more regularly, regardless of conditions. 

Each of us bring a special talent/ability to the group. We all ride different craft and all have different levels of ability. From Salesman, Engineer, Business Development and IT we have most fields covered to hopefully have our little venture reach out to you and help provide for you the stoke that our product has done for us.  

We have a tight relationship with CORK in NZ and are proud to have them as the manufacturer of our Blades. Their workmanship is world class and they take as much pride in making our product as we have done in its development.