Forged in Middle Earth

The Unexpected Adventure

Blade-O Baggins’ Unexpected Adventure


'One Blade to rule the riders, one Blade to find them. One Blade to bring the waves, and in the water, ride them'

See what Blade-O has been up to here:

Interested in riding a Blade but not sure if it's for you? (It is, but we know, sometimes it is better to try before you buy). This is your chance to have a few trial sessions without having to commit to a full purchase straight off the bat.

As we’re two busy family men, we can’t embark on a never ending world wave tour to get in the water with you, but our beloved Blade-O Baggins, Lord of the Tubes can come to you.

Blade-O, forged deep in Mirkwood at the base of the Lonely Mountain wishes to embark on an unexpected adventure, and although just small, intends to visit waves all over Middle Earth. 

We’d love him to come join you and surf your local break. If you'd like this to happen please get in touch. 

All we ask in return is that you:

- Surf & pass on within a month or earlier if you get a good swell

- Video and photos with Blade-O on arrival and in the surf  

- Sign Blade-O with your location, date & Instagram handle

- Organize and pay safe shipping to the next tour guide 

And that's it, for a simple shipping cost (which could be local or international depending on whom is next on the list) you could have Blade-O at your disposal to use for a few weeks.

As a sweetener, if you loved your time with Blade-O and would like to purchase one for yourself, we will hook you up with free delivery no matter where you are as thanks for being part of the experience.