Designed for

Double Stringer. Built to last.

Two handed

Longer rides. Completed Waves.

What is a Blade?

Blades have been designed to help improve your length of ride and increase your wave completion success. They are a large volume handboard created to be ridden with 2 hands (1 hand is still an option, but won't optimise your performance).

The shape of the Blade is specifically designed for performance, from channels on the bottom to help hold your line in the heaviest of waves, to thumb/grip grooves on the deck for comfort and easier handling in the water. The curved rail profile allows for you to not only set your line, but also to release and adjust your line whilst on the wave to optimise your ride. The bat tail adds a little extra surface area to help with your lift and maneuverability. By using a leash and not a strap it is easy to change your dominate hand for different directions of waves whilst still keeping your board securely attached to you.

A Blade will increase your ability to trim across the wave with as little drag as possible, thus creating more speed. More speed equals to making longer rides and barrel makes easier to obtain. Blades also provide enough buoyancy to allow you to sit on them and catch a break compared to the usual continuous swimming required for a deeper water bodysurf session.

Each Timber Blade consists of a upcycled foam core, 2 x Internal timber Stringers, 3mm Cork Deck and rails and 4mm Paulownia timber slick, all of which have been finished with Bees wax & Marine Varnish for waterproofing. The end product is a beautiful, stiff & durable board that will stand the test of time. 

Most importantly of all, they are incredibly easy to get the hang of and unbelievably fun to use!